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Active Dog Walks

Who are Active Walks for?

Wouldn't we all love to spend hours on end playing outdoors with your pups! Life is life, though and someone needs to bring home the bacon (or other types of dog food). Everyday physical activity and mental stimulation are one of your dogs basic needs. Ignoring them we put our dogs at risk of developing serious (and often costly!)  behaviour and/or health issues.  If you're too busy to walk your dog enough on regular basis or just going through a particularly busy period at work - let us help out! 

What happens on Active Walks?

Active Walks with Oh-My-Dog are much more than boring potty breaks! We'll be happy to take your dog on a stuctured walk involving a fair amount of running, playing fetch or tug games, nosework activites or having a blast with interactive toys - all depending on your dog's needs, personality, age and possible movement restrictions.

Additional charges depending on location may apply.

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