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Behaviour Modification

Who are behaviour modification consultations for?

Offers you a great ‘sit’ loves cuddles but the minute he sees other dogs, he turns into an evil monster? Comes back when called but left to her own devices, she leaves your house in shreds? Loves your kids and often plays with them but growls angrily and launches at all deliverymen?

If any of these sound like your dog, you’re in the right place!

What happens during the consultation?

Obedience training may not always be the answer to all problem behaviours. Fear, separation anxiety, reactivity, aggression or hyperactivity are complex issues that require a well-thought-out action plan backed up with solid canine psychology knowledge and hands-on experience. Individual behaviour modification consultations at Oh-My-Dog always begin with a detailed dog owner survey aimed at identifying both the severity and the root of the problem. Depending on the nature of the problem the consultations are done at the client’s home and other places necessary to observe the problem behaviour in order to provide effective solutions.

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Get rid of all problem behaviour - book a consultation below and get a tailor-made behaviour modification plan for your dog!

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