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Board And Train

Who is Oh-My-Dog Board And Train for?

If you feel your dog needs training but you just don't have enough time to do it yourself, this exclusive service is what you need!  What makes it different from most similar offers is that at Oh My Dog your pup stays with the trainer 24/7 at their place and not in kennels! 


What does Oh-My-Dog Board And Train include?

Not only is your dog well taken care of (regular feeding times following all the dietary restrictions necessary, daily exercise and walks, administering medications as advised by your vet), gets several sessions of training according to the detailed training plan prepared beforehand but also gets unlimited cuddles and attention :) 

Before the end of the stay an individual session with the owner is arranged. During the hands on training session the trainer will walk you through all the skills the dog learned and advise on how to keep on working with your dog after the Board And Train programme. 

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