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About Oh-My-Dog!


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

 describes my passionate approach to dog training best!

I believe that communication is the key to a healthy, happy and exciting life shared with a dog. Many problems can be avoided and solved through learning to understand your dog and teaching her to respect the rules of the human world. During dog training classes, I do not only teach you dog how to behave, listen to you and follow commands but we also give you, the owner, the right tools to be able to manage all real life situations you’re going to find yourself in after completing the course.

I'm a certified dog training and behavior specialist with several years of experience working with all kinds of dogs and running dog training lessons ranging from puppy school classes to advanced obedience courses and behavior modification consultations. I specialize in obedience training, dealing with behaviour problems (fear, reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, etc.) and stimulating nosework activities. What makes Oh-My-Dog stand out is the perfect combination of true love and passion for dogs and a solid, well-planned curriculum backed up by up-to-date knowledge.

My mission is to create a dog training school where owners would enjoy the experience and where dogs would be happy when they come to learn. I love to see our students’ grow and learn and we’re here for you from day one – choosing a puppy/an older dog best suited to your or your family’s lifestyle, through teaching your dog manners necessary to for her to live a long, happy life at your side, to advanced classes or problem behaviour modification.

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