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Obedience Training

Who are obedience training classes for?

Any dogs 6 months and above with no prior formal training (Obedience Classes Level 1) or dogs with prior basic obedience training experience (Obedience Classes Level 2). There's no upper age limit. We recommend starting as soon as possible, though. 

What's the location?

Group classes are held in Duquesa and Casares Costa. Individual classes are held at the comfort of the dog owner's home. 


What does the course cover?

In Obedience Classes Level 1 we begin to build life skills in our adolescent dogs through basic and intermediate obedience training. We move on from obedience foundation behaviours (such as 'sit' and 'down') to ignoring dropped items and food on command (impulse control), loose leash walking, 'sit-stay' and 'down-stay' from a distance and reliable recalls. We also address common behaviour problems that can become apparent during this stage in your dogs life and continue to work towards having an adult dog that is a true pleasure to share your life with.

Obedience Classes Level 2 focus on proofing previously learned behaviours and adding distractions in order to make sure your dog responds reliably in a variety of different settings.  We increase the difficulty and expand your dogs obedience skills to include: following cues at a distance, while moving, solid recall practice, heeling, introduction to tricks and nosework, etc.

What you'll need during classes?

  • favourite treats

  • a toy your dog likes a lot

  • a collar/harness

  • a regular leather or synthetic leash (no flexi leashes!)  

  • water

  • poo bags

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